Arts and science contest


The ECCOMAS Young Investigators Committee is launching, in collaboration with the WCCM-ECCOMAS congress organization team, an “Arts in Science” contest that aims to show science in all its beauty and elegance, with connection between Science and Art. It consists in visualizing scientific works with an artistic point-of-view. Topics cover the broad fields of mechanical engineering, applied mathematics, and computer science which are connected to the scope of the congress.

Consequently, participants to the WCCM-ECCOMAS Congress (with accepted abstracts) will be invited to provide, if they wish, an artistic visual (picture, rendered image, painting, drawing) of their research work with a short audio description of the image, whether it comes from an experiment or a numerical simulation. An international jury composed of researchers, artists and journalists will select the best pieces of art which will be exhibited during the congress. 

In addition, the authors of the 2 best artworks (one chosen by the jury, the second by the public) will have the opportunity to present them during a specific session of the congress and will receive a prize.


Important dates 

Participants must submit a piece of art as well as a short audio description (10-60s) between December 1 and December 16, 2020. The details on this submission will be given at a later date.

The virtual exhibition will take place starting January 6, 2021 for two weeks.



  • The competition is open to any congress speaker with an accepted abstract ;
  • Only one submission per abstract will be allowed.
  • Competitors must provide their visual with a minimum resolution of 400dpi along with a short (10-60seconds) description of their work and a transcript of this description for hearing-impared people ;
  • Visuals must be related to the presented research work. 


For any questions or enquiries, please contact Matthieu Vitse

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